Lake Vista Road Naming

Town of Amnicon, Douglas County, Wisconsin

Names for Private Roads

Whereas, the Amnicon Town Board recognizes that more than one household will reside on the same driveway.

Whereas, emergency management can provide more accurate service in locating said residents.

Whereas, The Town of Amnicon takes no responsibility for said road

Now, therefore let it be resolved, The Amnicon Town Board recognizes the Private Road name Lake Vista Court, the said private road runs East and West, starting on Twenty-two Road North, approximately ¼ mile north of Highway 2. Sec. 27 T. 48, R-12

Be it Further Resolved, The Town of Amnicon takes no responsibility and or rights for said road.

Dated this 11, day of April 2002.

Amnicon Town Board

Arthur E. Amys

Dennis Hill

Mark Liebaert