Visit Amnicon Falls

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Amnicon Falls State Park features a series of delightful waterfalls and rapids along the Amnicon River. You can view them from a covered foot bridge or trails along the river, or if you’re sure-footed—from the rocky shore of the river.

A vehicle admission sticker is required on all motor vehicles stopping in state parks and recreation areas. Some state forest and trail parking areas also require a sticker. Buy your sticker either when you get to the park or in advance. You can buy either an annual sticker, for admission to all state parks and forests for the calendar year, or a daily sticker, valid only on the date of issue. If you have only a little time to visit, you can buy a one-hour sticker at most state parks and forests. Any vehicle licensed for road use that is towed or carried into a state park fee area is provided free admission.

WI Plates: $25 annual, $12.50 half-price, $7.00 daily, $5.00 1 hour

WI Over 65:  $10 annual, N/A half-price, $3.00 daily, N/A 1 hour

Out of State:  $35 annual, $17.50 half-price, $10.00 daily, $5.00 1 hour

Business WI:  $10 daily only

Business out of state:  $14 daily only